The best new music from emerging & pre-discovery artists.


Passport Approved SHOW 19-28 / July 13, 2019

THE WHITE LAKES – “Wolves” (Ditto Music, UK)

MADS LANGER – “Me Without You” (Sony, Denmark)

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Trade It In” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

THE FAULTS – “Alexander” (Unsigned, Australia)

SOPHIE & THE GIANTS – “The Light” (Unsigned, UK)

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Sixteen Minutes” (Unsigned, Sweden)

FEMME SCHMIDT – “Golden” (Unsigned, Germany)

TEN TONNES – “Better Than Me” (Warner Music, UK)

BITTER’S KISS – “Just Like Heaven” (Unsigned, N. America)

THE DUNTS – “Bad Decisions” (Unsigned, Scotland)

LONGFELLOW – “Therapy” (Unsigned, UK)

SLIDE – “Floating” (Unsigned, Sweden)

EMMI KING – “Million Dollar Movie” (Unsigned, Germany)

VIDEOCLUB – “Roi” (Unsigned, France)

THE LUKA STATE – “Girl” (Unsigned, UK)

KIDDO x GASHI – “Coming Down” (Arista Records/Four Music, Sweden)

TUNDRA – “Navy Red” (R.E.P.E.A.T. Records, UK)

MOBY RICH – “Sabotage” (TAP, UK)

LOST IN STEREO – “Adrenaline” (Unsigned, Scotland)

SHAYNA LEIGH – “Don’t Save Me” (Unsigned, N. America)

THE VELVET HANDS – “Don’t Be Nice To Me” (Easy Action, UK)

LIME CORDIALE – “Inappropriate Behavior” (Chugg Music, Australia)

GO GO BERLIN – “Love Me” (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)

ALEX LAHEY – “Am I Doing It Right?” (Dead Oceans, Australia)

AARON TAOS - "Dazed & Amused" (Unsigned, N. America)

SEA GIRLS – “Damage Done” (Unsigned, UK)

SHLOMI ASH – “To The River” (Unsigned, Israel)

YONAKA – “Lose Our Heads” (Atlantic Records, UK)

MAGNUS MIA – “Fool’s Mirage” (Unsigned, Hong Kong)

RED RUM CLUB – “TV Said So” (Modern Sky, UK)

SPEAKER FIRST – “If It Ain’t You” (Unsigned, Indonesia)

SAN MEI – “Something Good” (Unsigned, Australia)

BLITZ UNION – “Revolution” (Unsigned, Czech Republic)